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Cami's hosting hub

What is this all about?

I like to host people's hobby sites, honestly.

I hate having to constantly move my shit for my forum roleplay games when image hosting sites go down - so I'd prefer to just self-host when possible.

Most of my friends are just online buddies. I mean...I talk to my co-workers too, I guess. If I host you, it means that I at least like you enough that I'll be willing to get to know you to see if we could be friends.

NOTICE: Hostees that have joined TCGs that are known to have directly ripped anything off from myself or other TCGs will be given one month's notice about needing to find new hosting if they do not quit the TCG within a week of me informing them. I will not tolerate those that condone theft when this is meant to be a hobby.

Hosting Guidelines

  1. No hate sites. Honestly, if you don't like something, don't bother making a site for it. (You can, of course, post your personal opinions on almost anything on a personal blog.)
  2. Link back to this domain. Because this is a free service, this should go without question. I will ONLY make an exception if I'm hosting someone's personal domain.
    • You CAN host other people if I am hosting you on your own domain. However, this will only be allowed with a small monthly fee of $1 per month.
  3. No outdated scripts. This does not mean I expect you to update scripts for every single QOL update that is added. However, I do expect you to upgrade whenever there is a security update included in the most recent version.

Hosting Features

  • A subdomain of your choice:
    • you.darkness4.org
    • you.dorothea.us
    • you.mythril.us
    • you.reve-parfait.org
    • you.rex-lapis.org
    • you.roselia.us
    • you.silent-oath.net
    • you.yumenosaki.net
  • An email forwarder of your choice:
    • you@darkness4.org
    • you@dorothea.us
    • you@mythril.us
    • you@reve-parfait.org
    • you@rex-lapis.org
    • you@roselia.us
    • you@silent-oath.net
    • you@yumenosaki.net
  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth (within reason).
  • TRADE POST ONLY: Selection of pre-installed mods including caitlin's better etcg collecting page + Card Search

Hosting Application

Due to time constraints, hosting is now by invite only...to an extent. If we are on a shared TCG (check my personal trade post), then you're free to DM me on Discord or Twitter (@CamiTCG)...or even through the email address listed on my trade post. However, aside from this scenario, hosting will only be provided if I'm the one offerring.

If you previously applied, and I never got back to you, please contact me privately through the methods I mentioned.